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 Facebook link to ClayClay Brick of Brick Directory
 Facebook link to ClayClay Brick of Brick Directory
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Book. 'A Century of Ceramics'. A selection of 20th Century Potters and Potteries in the Isle of Wight by Lisa and Andrew Dowden Large Scale (Signed by Authors) Paperback 256 pages £15 (reduced from £28). For sale in Bembridge shop

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‘ClayClay’ - ‘Creative Chaos’ The Shop with a Grand Piano in.

‘The Story of Clay is the Story of Britain’

‘Wight 365 Days’ Movie Art Installation

‘Even a brick wants to be something more than it is’ - Louis Kahn, Architect 1902-74

Home Page for ClayClay Products in ClayClay. From mini bricks to normal size bricks, to clay cookware,  terracotta letters and art painted with powdered clay mixed with the paint, to postcards and music videos and pavers and many more clay or terracotta related items Art at ClayClay ClayClay Purchase Online Pop Art Postcards


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Cheques payable to ‘Tim Bristow’ please.

Walter Ritchie sculpting low relief in brickwork. 'Brick is love' 1973

 The ClayClay Shop ,15, High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SD

Opening hours : Generally 10am - 5pm Weekdays, Saturday 11am - 4pm. Sometimes open Sundays and longer hours during the week, sometimes not open at all!

Do ring Shop phone 01983 875378 or mobile 07836 761541 to check if open, if you are making a specific trip.

Piano recital in the ClayClay Shop
Big Art All Summer Exhbition from 2015. At Wight Marine, Embankment Rd, Bembridge, Isle of Wight. PO35 Picture taken 4th June 2015. Gallery is forever being altered throughout the summer with new artworks, an ArtCar and new artists , Now in 2017 Mini Big Art

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