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‘Even a brick wants to be something more than it is’ - Louis Kahn, Architect 1902-74

‘The Story of Clay is the Story of Britain’

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Same brick different mortar!. School St Johns Wood, London. Architect D Mills Same brick different mortar!. School St Johns Wood, London. Architect D Mills
Same brick different mortar!. School St Johns Wood, London. Architect D Mills
York Handmade Brick Company. Largest Handmade Brick manufacturer in the UK, making 'old' looking handmade bricks, pavers and terracotta floor tiles from clay out of their own quarry near York Unlike other brick manufacturers they are prepared to deal in any quantity directly to the public.

The York Handmade Brick Co Ltd -. UK’s Largest privately owned Genuine Handmade Brick Co. They make a full range of metric and imperial bricks with specials for brick matching and New Build. They should be able to manufacturer ‘Specials’ and bricks to your specific specifications

BrickFind UK Specialist Brick Matching

BrickFind UK Specialist Brick Matching countrywide. Gordon Stringer, owner, with over 35 years in the brick business, will find the’brick you need to match the brick you have’.

Matching Brick, Brick Matching in the West Country Your Brick Match, Brick Matching
Brick Clad Suppliers of all types of brick and stone Meon Brick Brick merchant based in Shropshire


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Supplying bricks online to Builders and the general public. For rapid next day delivery on whole or split packs. Express bricks can price and deliver bricks for any size project, whether you are a professional looking for the best price or a self build builder. Right Brick Country Life Magazine article on reclaimed bricks
ET Clay Bricks. Brick Merchant based in Essex and Kent

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