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Book. 'A Century of Ceramics'. A selection of 20th Century Potters and Potteries in the Isle of Wight by Lisa and Andrew Dowden Large Scale (Signed by Authors) Paperback 256 pages £15 (reduced from £28). For sale in Bembridge shop


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‘Even a brick wants to be something more than it is’ - Louis Kahn, Architect 1902-74

‘The Story of Clay is the Story of Britain’

Home Page for ClayClay Products in ClayClay. From mini bricks to normal size bricks, to clay cookware,  terracotta letters and art painted with powdered clay mixed with the paint, to postcards and music videos and pavers and many more clay or terracotta related items Art at ClayClay ClayClay Purchase Online About ClayClay Contact ClayClay

Lymington ClayClay Shop NOW CLOSED. New shop Karina Designs and still selling some mini bricks and kits. See more at

ClayClay Shop in Quay St, Lymington, Hampshire. With Ruth Hammond Design .

 August 17th 2012 Shop has now closed due to £6,000 Business rates bill and Court Summons by New Forest District Council.

ClayClay Shop in Quay St, Lymington, Hampshire. With Ruth Hammond Design.

All of these goods are in Bembridge shop - Mini brick kits - Handmade Brick kits and many Clayclay kits including Roman villa ruins, Large, Medium and Small Georgian Houses, Albert Barracks, Castle, Castle walls, Scalextric Goodwood style building kits, Mini brick Make your Own Jigsaws, Fridge Magnet Jigsaws, Spell your own name from Maritime Signal flags, Piles of mini bricks, mini brick Fridge Magnets, Key Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Handmade Flower pots, Date Bricks, Doorstops and Paperweights, Terracotta Letters and Numbers, Terracotta Floor tiles, York Handmade bricks, handmade pavers, Fridge Magnet Building kits, Mini brick Chess set, mini brick Coasters, Chicken bricks, Tagines, Tandorri ovens, Pestle and Mortar, Garlic pots, Terracotta Egg Racks, Garlic graters, Pizza Baker, Herb labels, mosaics, biscuit tiles for painting on, Patterned Garden edgings and door stops, Terracotta Isle of Wight outlines and of original South coast art, prints and terracotta tile original paintings by Jo Green, BB Bango, Juliet Bristow, Liz Fletcher, Suzanne Whitmarsh and Sandra Francis in the gallery area and brick display from York Handmade Brick Company. Jayne Hayes of is also displaying a range of Seaside friendly products. Tea towels and fabric bags by Brand Bamboo, Greetings cards from Laura Main and Skateboard pictures

ClayClay Shop in Quay St, Lymington, Hampshire. With Ruth Hammond Design . ClayClay Shop in Quay St, Lymington, Hampshire. With Ruth Hammond Design.
Naive Art: Lymington Harbour. Framed by BB Bango Acrylic on paper £25. on display in Lymington Shop Original Lymington and New Forest Tea towels (60*40cm) and fabric bags by Brand Bamboo. On display Lymington Shop
BB Bango Northern Sun over Lymington Harbour 60*60cm Oil on Canvas. On display Bembridge Shop £80
BB Bango Scream 2 Now at Bembridge Shop  £73.99


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