ClayClay is both online and a physical shop (15 High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight, PO35 5SD) and is a base for Pop Artist BB Bango (Aka Tim Bristow). Apart for being an 'art' Gallery, the shop also does Saucy Seaside (over 18 advised), Clay Mini bricks (32 and 48mm sizes for modelling), Genuine Handmade bricks (York Handmade Brick) for building and brick matching, Art (21 local artists including BB Bango) for sale in shop or online as fashion designs (on Red Bubble and Facebook) or on NFT Trading sites such as Opensea, Music - now released 4 'Gloribinas' Chilled Abstract music albums on 20 audio streaming sites, Seaside Saucy Music Video production using original filmed footage (over 200 produced), Postcards (more than 300 original designs), Clayware (terracotta egg racks etc),  buckets and spades and crabbing material, Terracotta Letters, Vinyl Record album & Single sales, 8 Track Cartridge and Cassette sales, Childrens Books - The 'JoeyComeHere' series of four - and model cars, tractors and marble runs with cable car and every day piano recitals... The ClayClay shop is shared with HB Holiday Lettings a holiday cottage rental agency for the Isle of Wight

Ring 07836 761541 for more info.

BB Bango ( Tim Bristow) and Annabel
BB Bango (aka Tim Bristow)

Mini brickmaker and big brick salesman. artist, fashion designer, photographer, composer, author, publisher, music and video maker and shop keeper.

Tim Bristow

Oil painting by local Bembridge artist John Hunter.

Tim Bristow

In 2007!


Tim Bristow


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Phones and E mail
  • 0044 7836 761541
  • 0044 1983 875378
  • 15 High St
  • Bembridge
  • Isle of Wight
  • PO35 5SD
  • UK

ClayClay is a website informing and selling clay, art and seaside saucy goods with a physical shop presence.


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